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Happy Birthday Terri Lynn


May your home be blessed with laughter,
May your soul be blessed with peace,
May your mind be blessed with wonder,
And may your blessings never cease.
May your days be blessed with sunshine,
May your life be blessed with friends,
May your heart be blessed with love,
And may your blessings never end.

(c) 2001 Suzanne Mazer Stewart
~~Miss Z


Welcome to your WOSIB Birthday celebration.
We have adoptions, and gifts, and of
course, a guestbook full of good wishes
for you on this special day.




Send gifts for Terri Lynn Visit Terri Lynn's home page Send greetings



This page created with love by Head Celebrator Pamster
on behalf of the Women of Strength and Inner Beauty
and the Garden of Celebrations
(c) 2002